A Call for Papers
Art in the Age of Terrorism: Interdisciplinary Conference
12-13 November 2004
Organized by the Fine Art Research Centre, FMAS, Southampton Institute

The aim of the conference is to examine aspects of arts theory and
practice that relate to globalized politics in the age of 'terrorism'.

A broad range of topics is envisaged that will include both theorists and

The conference will be accompanied by an art exhibition in the Millais
Gallery, Southampton: 11 November 2004 - 29 January 2005.

It is planned to publish a stand-alone book/catalogue in the period
following the conference.

Potential topics might include: media oriented theatres of war, freedom of
artistic expression, the aesthetics of violence, iconoclasm, borderlines,
exclusion and internment, neo-colonialism, invisible threat and narrative

Please email a short abstract to [log in to unmask]

Practitioners can send images in the form of email attachments or
separately by post to Dr Graham Coulter-Smith, FMAS, Southampton
Institute, East Park Tce, Southampton SO14 0RE.

The conference and exhibition website is

Confirmed speakers include:
Sylvère Lotringer: As editor of Semiotext(e) for close to three decades,
he has introduced English-speaking readers to Continental theorists from
Gilles Deleuze to Michel Foucault, from Paul Virilio to Antonio Negri.

Stefano Boeri: Architect and urbanist, founder of Multiplicity an ever-
changing network of architects, geographers, artists, urban planners,
photographers, sociologists, economics, moviemakers etc. Multiplicity
exhibited a major political video installation at Documenta 11 on the
topic of geopolitical borderlines and the invisibility, exclusion and
dehumanisation of asylum seekers.

Khaled D. Ramadan: An artist based in Copenhagen who specializes in
visual, mobile and brutal aesthetics. He is founder of "Chamber of Public
Secrets" a mobile space and network apparatus based on collective art
practises, which organized TERROR-ISM, the debate with Sarat Maharaj, Max
Ryhannen and Anders Michelsen. The Chamber also organized "Beyond Visual
 Experience" a debate with Mona Hatoum, Bülent Diken, and Maria Hirvi.