Info:   Inclusion International site -- more informatively, if not now PC,
this was once the Intl League of Sox for the Mentally Handicapped -- lists
as its single PRC Member, the China DP's Fed, Beijing street address and
fax, no email. This is the broad quango that presents an official, if less
than fully scrutable, face to the outside world.

Other info: your guess, your google, as good as mine. (But slightly
differentiate Taiwan and HK sites)


Er, umm. Eugenic. Amniotic. Selective abortion. If that don't work then
vast dumps, semi-starve, unmark grave, for unwanted crip, retard, girl
baby, whatever...?  Too many people, umm.

China experts like to preserve the chance of another visa, popping over
periodically to update material and cred, so no real China expert is likely
to join open web chat on stuff that has regularly over 15 years generated
western shock-horror headlines on Chinese "barbarities", infanticide, death
warehouses, forcible sterility for people with LDs, etc. Visa applicos
don't prosper if found within mailshot of such issues, which are welcome in
the PRC as cordially as Uncle Sam welcomes queries on comparative data of
young black versus white males-in-jails, or Grinning-Boy Blair he love to
tell who con him into believe Saddam could mass-destruct London with 45
minute notice.

In PRC, "Visitor With Attitude" don’t get 45.  Not China expert, no visa
ambition, yet still me feel reluctant to run with this. Dikötter did write
in some detail about modern PRC eugenics and attitudes, citing western
shock-horror articles. And sure, a billion Chinese oughta be more
enlighten, have wonderful liberal attitude, buy their chow upmarket from
Hampstead deli. Neurodiversity oughta be the warmly hug puppy (like by
retire colonel in Godalming, England - heh-heh), not stack on pallet in
warehouse; but...

Two chapter, for attitudinal prepo:

1.  Emma Stone tell  ["Research Notes of Foreign Devil" - on earlier ref.
list]  with wit and insight how she land in mid-1990s PRC for dis research,
slap amid uproar over some other Brit who under charitable guise make film
exposé of China orphanage. Stone just about manage to hack it, with she
skill in Mandarin, have Chinese grandma, bend research muddleology to fit
she host plan, and fast thinker. Earlier she confess ("Parasites, Prawns
and Partners...", Brit J Sociol, 1996, 47: 699f.) how with conspiratorial
other postgrad in China they allow Doubt To Enter Heart, on relevance of
the Social Model to PRC. (On this here List, we better veil over that
backsliding episode).

2.  Michelle Moore & Karen Dunn (1999) Disability, human rights and
education in Romania. In: Armstrong & Barton (eds) Disability, Human Rights
and Education: cross-cultural perspectives, 193-209. Open Univ Press.
   Two Right-Thinking, Guardian-reading Brit academic get they nerve all
shook up visiting vast orphanage-cum-crippledump, nipping round corner to
see ward they ain't spose to see -- yet somehow, between puking, listen to
they educated Romanian counterpart in charge of this shambles and find,
just conceivable, these Romies might be decent human under colossal stress,
not simple monster. These two self-confess Prawn do the remarkable
gymnastic description of somersault turn while not exactly come to term
with situation but at least not taking refuge in the Brit Embassy and phone
Tony to send a gunboat. (They likely wrote more elegant stuff about it
since - this chapter was good because raw, they were still in shock).


[yah, I know, originally it was Pawns, not Prawns - but they ask we now for
creativity in research practice, gotta pretend academix have the sensayuma,
think Down, think Dumbing, ain't all just cage fighting and winner take the
ESRC grant]


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