Hi All

Having managed this list for nearly ten years now, and been a member of
many others, I'd have to accept that it's not at all unusual for
discussion issues to become a little personal from time to time. It is
something of an occupational hazard.

However, it does worry me that we have lost at least four members of our
list community this week as a consequence of people feeling intimidated,
oppressed or abused by what they have read (there may be more but those
are the ones who have emailed me to explain why they are leaving the
list). I'd have to add that I've also ceased from contributing anything
to the list myself in the past year, other than administrative postings,
as a consequence of similar experiences. Clearly, it's not an acceptable
situation and it's up to all of us to try to co-operate in public in a
way that upholds the credibility of our community and that reflects our
common desire to build greater understanding and inclusivity.

It's worth remembering that this service is provided in accordance with
netiquette guidelines and JISCmail ethical policy, which you can read

In a nutshell, the relevant guidance/policy is that no activity carried
out on JISCmail servers should not knowingly false, inaccurate or
misleading; and that it should not be offensive or menacing, abusive,
defamatory, or in breach of copyright, confidence, privacy or any other

This is largely a self-governing community (in that I do not moderate or
vet any postings or anyone's access to list membership). But if there
are personal attacks or list management queries they should be taken up
privately please (i.e. off-list) with the list owner (i.e. me) or with
JISCmail ([log in to unmask])

Alternatively, just press the delete key... it's only email :o)

Best wishes


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