Hello - if anyone has information about disability groups and
statistics in the countries below (please see message below for more
information), please contact Joshua Beal at the World Bank in D.C.
(email below). Thanks, Megan Conway

We are working on gathering disability statistics for the Eastern
Europe and Central Asia region.  The countries include:

Former Soviet Union:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Central Asia:
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenstein, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,
Ukraine, Moldova

SouthEastern Europe:
Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,
Slovenia, Croatia,
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro, Kosvo, Macdeonia, Albania,

What we are seeking is not only statistics of disabled populations,
but also names and contacts of NGO's that are active in disability
outreach and provision of social services in those countries.

This information will be used to integrate disability policy within
loans that are disbursed to these countries for the purpose of
alleviating poverty.  Some examples of Bank efforts include
rehabilitation of special education centers, capacity building for the
provision of social services, adjustment credits for basic needs such
as electricity or water for disabled, and accessibility issues.

The Bank has taken on an initative to include disability in it's
policies, however implementation is still in the early stages and my
job is to gather information that will help the policy makers make
decisions on how to allocate funds and direct activities intended to
mitigate poverty among the disabled populations in these countries.
Hopefully, with this effort, we will be able to expand our outreach to
other developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Latin America.

I would appreciate any references or referrals to other individuals
that you feel would be qualified to help me in my research.  I really
appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you again.  Thanks
again for your prompt response!

Joshua R. Beal
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Megan A. Conway, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Coordinator, National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

Associate Editor, Review of Disability Studies (RDS)

Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1776
University Avenue, UA 4-6, Honolulu, HI 96822
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