Hi all,
I think that it is pretty dishonest to always talk about respecting the
ideas of other people without sometimes getting angry at the person arguing
those ideas. The two are connected, especially when those arguments are
crucial to how you can live your life and your freedoms.

The idea that people can argue about different values and still have respect
for each other is polite nonsense and smacks of the apolitical world of many
people. How can you have respect for someone whose values may be damaging to
your life chances?

I think if what you truly believe in is right and is passionately felt -
maybe from bitter experience were the values, ideas and lives of others have
or may cause much pain to you, how can you simply accept and respect the
values of others and them as individuals without also getting angry on a
personal level?

If we simply agree to disagree then the only people who will benefit from
that are those who have the power to ignore any difference of opinion
without their lives being affected.

I don't particuarly want to see slangin matches between people on this list,
but their is a definite 'honesty' and raw emotion about such exchanges and
passion that is so lacking in the arguments in academia at present.

A few 'sparky' thoughts!


Dr Glenn Smith,
Research Fellow,
London, England.

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