Each year ECCAI, the European Co-ordinating Committee for
Artificial Intelligence, invites nominations for its Fellows Programme
'to recognize individuals who have made significant, sustained
contributions to the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe'.

Fellows' accomplishments range from pioneering advances in the
theory of AI to unusual accomplishments in AI technology and
applications. Usually only individuals who have made contributions
to AI for a decade or more after receiving their PhD (or are at an
equivalent career stage) will be selected. Leadership in ECCAI or
ECCAI member societies, support of forums for the exchange of
ideas, and extended service for the international AI community also
play a role in the selection process. Further information is available
on the ECCAI website at

ECCAI member societies such as SGAI are asked to put forward
nominations each year for consideration by the ECCAI Fellows
Selection Committee. Those wishing to apply for nomination via
SGAI must be paid-up members of the Specialist Group of at least
three years' standing and comply with the conditions given at

The deadline for nominations is Friday May 21st 2004.

Max Bramer
Chairman, SGAI