I'd include Ann Lok's son Henry (more religious sonnets) and Queen Elizabeth herself.
joel davis

 Leigh Harrison:

But this leads me to a question I hope you can answer: just how many "known" sonneteers can we list from the 16th c.?
Wiser and more knowledgeable heads will no doubt be able to list many more, but as a starting point here are the sonneteers represented in Sidney Lee's two volumes of Elizabethan Sonnets from the English Garner:
Philip Sidney, Thomas Watson, Barnabe Barnes, Thomas Lodge, Giles Fletcher, Henry Constable, Samuel Daniel, William Percy, Anon (of course!), Michael Drayton, Edmund Spenser, Bartholomew Griffin, Richard Linche, William Smith, Robert Tofte, and (one sonnet by) Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. He also mentions, but does not include, Fulke Greville, E.C. (author of Emaricdulfe) and William Drummond. No women, of course! One might also add Wyatt and Surrey from an earlier generation, plus Sir John Davies, and - oh, Shakespeare...
Who else is missing?


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