The Portable Antiquities Scheme: Revolutionising Research

Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Great Court, British Museum, 12 February 2004

A one-day seminar at the British Museum looking at the way in which the systematic recording of finds made by the public - as facilitated by the Portable Antiquities Scheme - has revolutionised our knowledge of artefacts and their contexts from the prehistoric times to the post-medieval period. Speakers to include Steven Ashley, Mary Chester-Kadwell, Nina Crummy, Geoff Egan, Helen Geake, Adam Gwilt, Adrian Marsden, Andrew Rogerson and Sally Worrell; chaired by Richard Brewer and Roger Bland. Admission free. For further details and to book contact Claire Costin, Portable Antiquities Scheme, British Museum, London WC1B 3DG, tel.: 020 7323 8618, or e-mail: [log in to unmask]


10.00   Registration: outside Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Great Court

Morning (Chairman, Roger Bland, Co-ordinator, Portable Antiquities Scheme)

10.20   Roger Bland: Welcome

10.25   Adam Gwilt, National Museums and Galleries of Wales
        Axes, Cauldrons and Weapons: making sense of the recent late Bronze Age discoveries from South Wales

10.50   Sally Worrell, Finds Adviser, Institute of Archaeology, University College
Everything but iron; a regional analysis of the Iron Age artefacts recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme

11.15   Coffee

11.45   Nina Crummy, Roman Finds Expert
        Using the Portable Antiquities Scheme data for research: success and
        failure for the Roman period

12.10   Adrian Marsden, Finds Liaison Officer, Norfolk County Council
        The so-called barbarous radiate series in Norfolk; formulating new answers
        to some old questions

12.35   Mary Chester-Kadwell, University of Cambridge: 
        Early Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries in the Landscape: Metal Detector Finds in

1.00    Discussion

1.10    Lunch (please make your own arrangements)

Afternoon (Chairman: Richard Brewer, Keeper, Department of Archaeology and Numismatics, National Museums & Galleries of Wales)

2.10    Kevin Leahy, North Lincolnshire Museum / Finds Adviser - Portable Antiquities Scheme
        Discovering the Middle Saxon period in Lincolnshire

2.35    Steven Ashley, Norfolk County Council
        The mobility of the nobility: heraldic horse-harness pendants from Norfolk

3.00    Geoff Egan, Museum of London
        Keeping tabs, searching and sealing: the archaeology of regulation

3.25    Tea

4.00    Andrew Rogerson, Norfolk County Council
        Through objects to landscapes: making archaeological finds data
        contribute to the study of past land-use

4.25    Andrew David/Paul Linford, English Heritage
        Providing Context: the role of geophysical survey

4.50    Discussion

5.30    Close (and also an opportunity to view the Buried Treasure exhibition)