"From knowledge of landscapes to landscaping action" 

International conference 
Bordeaux, 2-4 December 2004 

First announcement and call for papers 

This conference is organised by the French Ecology and Sustainable 
Development Ministry with support of Cemagref. It will mark the 
conclusion of a French national research programme started in 1998 and 
the conference will focus on a comparison of the programme's results 
with those attained in other European countries through similar 

Focus and objectives of the conference 

The European Landscape Convention signed in Florence in October 2000 is 
proof of an increasing interest in the issue of landscapes. This 
interest is, however, more evident in political action than in research. 
The ideologies driving both politicians and NGOs focus on conceptions of 
landscape which are within the scope of ecology, national heritage, or a 
more societal framework. Is this concern emerging at a European scale a 
sign of a specific European apprehension of landscape? The diversity of 
motives and concepts underlying action reflects the many concepts of the 
landscape being developed in the field of research. 

The aim of this colloquium is to bring together researchers from all 
over Europe for an update on the concepts and scientific methods 
implemented. It will also try to provide answers to questions about the 
effects of public policies on landscapes. 
The transposition of knowledge into political action will be one of the 
cross-functional lines of exploration encompassing the themes proposed. 
What in fact happens to the concepts and notions often elaborated by the 
scientific community when they go beyond cognitive production to serve 
action? Furthermore, are they operational for action? 
The second cross-functional avenue is the time factor: the time-frames 
necessary for the production of landscapes, the time involved in the 
change of social representations, the political time, the time needed 
for decisions to be implemented. 
This scientific meeting will be organised along four main themes: 

1) Public policies and landscapes. 
This theme looks for evidence about the kinds of policies that support 
landscapes in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. Expected 
papers should stress the conceptions of landscape underlying political 
action, the networks of protagonists involved in the operations and 
their working, the specific features of the existing legislative and 
legal frameworks in the various countries, the economic assessment of 
public policies, and the effects of policies on the material structures 
of landscapes. The practical use of political instruments and the impact 
of those policies on various kinds of landscapes could also be 

2) The place of the landscape in environmental policies. 
The environment and landscape do not cover the same fields of meaning 
or action, even if there are connections between the two notions. Papers 
must first and foremost address the conceptual relationships between 
environment and landscape. 
The place of the landscape in environmental policies can subsequently 
be addressed. 
Agri-environmental measures, the connections between biodiversity and 
landscape or between landscapes and sustainable development, the 
management and exploitation of natural resources, can be analysed as an 
example. Moreover, the question may well be raised as to whether the 
landscape can prove to be an asset and a tool for local development. 

3) The place of the landscape in urban policies. 
Some specialists claim that landscaping makes it possible to renew the 
way in which the city, urbanism and management of public spaces are 
thought out and developed. How is landscaping taken into the equation in 
urban policies across Europe? Does it fundamentally serve the cause of 
social welfare? What is the place of nature in town? What are the 
relationships between cities and rural areas regarding landscape? 

4) Civil society, participation in decision-making, governance. 
Citizens' participation in the development of their environment is now 
a recurrent objective in regional development policies. How can civil 
society be made aware of the question of the improvement of its living 
conditions and contribute to it through the mobilisation of the concept 
of landscape? At what scales? What are the most efficient tools to help 
public participation (photography, scenarios,*)? 

The papers can deal with any one of the above themes, or propose 
cross-functional analyses. Case studies and the definition of "good 
practices" are welcomed. 


French and English. Full translation will be provided. 

Instructions for contributors. 

A more detailed version of the call for papers is available on the 
conference web site. Contributed papers will be accepted on the basis of 
an abstract of one page (2 500 words) in English or French. These must 
contain the title, author name, contact author e-mail address, author 
affiliation, the objectives and issues of the presentation, the results 
obtained. Papers should be submitted by e-mail, format Word or rtf, by 
30 March 2004 to: 
Authors will be notified of acceptance as oral presentation or poster 
by 30 May 2004. 
Final papers, no more than 10 pages (25 000 words) under Word or rtf 
format (annexes and illustrations included) will be required by 25 
September 2004. 

Scientific Committee. 

Martine BERLAN-DARQUE (MEDD-Paris, France), Georges BERTRAND 
(CNRS-Toulouse, France), Floor BROUWER (LEI, Netherlands), Françoise 
BUREL (CNRS-Rennes, France), Christian DAUTEL (Ecole Supérieure des 
Beaux-Arts de Cornouaille-Quimper, France), Graham FAIRCLOUGH (Heritage, 
London, United Kingdom), Josefina GOMEZ MENDOZA (University of Madrid, 
Spain), Philippe GUTTINGER (CNRS-Paris, France), Zsuzsana KARPATI CROS 
(University of Gödöllö, Hungary), Yves LUGINBÜHL (CNRS-Paris, France), 
Raffaele MILANI (University of Bologna, Italy), Bas PEDROLI 
(ALTERRA-Wageningen, Netherlands), Jürgen PETERS (University of 
Eberswalde, Germany), Teresa PINTO CORREIA (University of Evora, 
Portugal), Giorgio PIZZIOLO (Pescia, Italy), Daniel TERRASSON 
(Cemagref-Bordeaux, France), Hans Karl WYRTZENS (University of 
Agricultural Sciences, Vienna, Austria). 

Organising Committee. 

Martine BERLAN-DARQUE (MEDD-Paris, France), Yves LUGINBÜHL (CNRS-Paris, 
France), Jean-François SEGUIN (MEDD-Paris, France), Daniel TERRASSON 
(Cemagref-Bordeaux, France). 

Conference Venue. 

The conference will take place at Palais des Congrès, Bordeaux, France 
from 2 to 4 December 2004. A landscape study tour will be organised upon 
demand on 1 December 2004. 

Further information. 

Further details concerning the conference (registration, pricing, 
programme, travel) will be made available on the conference web page at: 
Specific information can be asked at the conference secretariat: 
Colloque Paysage 
50 avenue de Verdun 
33 612 Cestas Cedex - France 
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