That a mailing list includes a literal transcription of what is posted in a
forum (in this case, net art review), I guess it is ok. But then... when
those literal transcriptions are ridicularized like here with some abridged
online dictionary definitions, with the purpose of serving some undefinable
agendas... then this incestuous relationship across forums/mailing lists on
the same topic of interest is jeopardized.

So I'll reserve my comments on a personal email to Johannes. Bottom line
being - i'm afraid Harald Szeemann calls himself whatever he wants
regardless of what Johannes thinks (or should i say - the Merriam

Ana Boa-Ventura
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"Exhibition producer" - - - "Curator"

Merriam-Webster online:

1: one that produces; especially: one that grows agricultural products or
manufactures crude materials into articles of use
3: a person who supervises or finances the production of a stage or screen
production or radio or television program
4: any of various organisms (as a green plant) which produce their own
organic compounds from simple precursors ... and many of which are food
sources for other organisms -- compare CONSUMER

Etymology: Latin, from curatus, past participle of curare to care, from cura
: one that has the care and superintendence of something;

                Johannes Goebel

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Now... that is a designation I like: Harald Szeemann, art
critic and historian, and curator for the exhibitions of
the Forum Barcelona 2004 calls himself an "exhibition
producer". With a curricuum that includes the direction of
Documenta 5 in Kassel, and of the 48th and 49th editions
of the Venice Biennale, Szeemann became known in the art
world as a symbol of the independent exhibition curator.

There are four thematic exhibitions that present narratives
of cultural diversity, sustainable development and the
conditions for peace. The four themese/spaces are "Voices"
and "Cities - Corners" both at the Barcelona International
Convention Center, "Inhabiting the World" at the Viewpoint
Port and "Warriors of Xi'an" at the Sant AdriÓ (Moll del Parc).


by Ana Boa-Ventura