Dont worry, this post isnt about Big Brother.

Reading Naomi's post I was thrown back to a misspent youth reading too much
(no, really!) and I remembered what used to be a favourite text of mine
many years ago - The Walkman Effect by Shuhei Hosokawa (1984).

It is quite famous, so I am sure that people on this list will be familiar
with it, but does anyone know if this has been revisted in the light of the
current buzz around mobile media.

If not watch this space ;)

(It was well over ten years ago that I last read it, so it might be a dead
alley, I might even hate it now, but if you want the full reference it is
Shuhei Hosokawa, ‘The Walkman Effect’, Popular Music Vol.4: Performers &
Audiences, ed. R. Middleton & D. Horn, Cambridge University Press, 1984,


Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 11:10:34 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [NEW-MEDIA-CURATING] locative
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I have been thinking of similar things lately. it seems that benjamin's
concept of the aura, which was obliterated by cinema and tv as well, is
reconnected within locative  media, at least in context of experimental
projects and research. But it seems like there are two trends: one
reintroduces our environment, immediate surrounding, and nearby citizens
to us t hrough mobile media, and one potentially alienates us further, in
the sense that more and more we can f unction without need for direct
human and tactile interaction.  but i agree, this newfound complexity is
the interesting part, as it is the unpredictable part and the part hard to
compare to past mass  media development, whether tv, print, etc.