'... illiteracy, unwritten languages, modernity, globalization & the

Below are ideas for net education for the most remotest of places on
earth I was regurgitating last year. Great to see the parallels, in
particular the use of various media and pda like things. I am still very
interested in suggestions for how to actually proceed. I was thinking of
rural south asia at the time but the general idea is applicable, common
sense, but not done yet as far as I know.

>> Rural urban webworld project <<
[for schools and adults]


o       Rural [+urban]

o       Internet access

o       Schools / community / village centers

o       To get around illiteracy and 'text bias' of internet: use camera
+ video + audio over internet to interact with :
        §     family anywhere in the world
        §     business contacts, merchants and markets
        §     cultural community contacts

o       take up project of writing down spoken ‘unwritten’ languages in
own or urdu script

o       make html pages of content in that language 
        and upload to web for community use the world over
         – ‘preserve’ language in this way in multimedia
        §     new content relevant to community
        §     translations from other languages such as English
        §     use internet for education in schools, 
                by selecting content which is relevant, 
                needed and appropriate, making own curriculum

o       educating children in their own languages as well, now on web. 
        [while they are growing up, their unwritten language becomes 
        'written' on the web, while eventually they become the 
        primary producers and users of that content.]

o       prepare illiterate rural + urban communities for the information
explosion and 

o       prepare them for associated social changes through
         awareness, empowerment, decision-making, using 
        discriminatory selective access to the world

o       protect living cultures using multiple media

Setting up:
o       provide technical training and assistance to teacher, community
o       setting up language html and tools
o       troubleshooting
o       helping shape social cultural agenda 
o       helping setup contacts
o       help become self sufficient eg through use of solar panel, etc
o       net access via satellite - gov or private, 
        where landlines not possible