New Media Scotland & Stills are pleased to announce that you can now 
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Designer Bodies: Towards The Posthuman Condition
An International Symposium presented by New Media Scotland & Stills

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: Gymnasium | 75 Belford Road, 
Saturday, 3rd April 2004 10:30am– 6pm
£15 / £10 concessions (includes refreshments and buffet lunch)
Early booking essential due to limited seating.
Please register using the form, available from the New Media Scotland 
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For further enquires please contact Stills: 0131 622 6200

The symposium aims to unravel the aesthetics, ethics and future of 
biosciences. Do works of art inspired by new scientific insights into 
genetics explore the posthuman condition? Do biomedical science and 
genetics have a similar creative impact on contemporary art to that of 
anatomy during the Renaissance? What are the implications for artists 
using DNA and genetically modified organisms as their media of choice? 
How do we view today's alliances of science and art?

Speakers include:
- award-winning artists Christine Borland, Gina Czarnecki, Gair Dunlop
- Jens Hauser, Curator of L'Art Biotech, France - the first festival of 
biotechnological living art
- Steve Kurtz, Critical Art Ensemble, USA – an artists' collective 
dedicated to exploring the intersection between art, technology, 
politics and critical theory
- Dr. Keith Skene, a scientist working in Environmental and Applied 
Biology, University of Dundee
- Dr. Warren Neidich, USA - a neuroscientist and Lecturer in 
Neuroaesthetics, Goldsmiths College, London
- Dr. Alan Bleakley, Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Medical 
Education, Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro & Peninsula Medical School, 
- Hannah Redler, Energy Project Leader, Science Museum, London
- Bronac Ferran, Director of Interdisciplinary Arts, Arts Council 

The related exhibition, Designer Bodies shows at Stills from 3rd April 
– 6th June 2004. Artists Christine Borland, Gina Czarnecki, Jacqueline 
Donachie and Gair Dunlop use photography, film and digital media to 
explore the implications of genetics for disease treatment, human 
bioderversity, social perceptions and species boundaries. The resulting 
works spark excitement, fear and awe.

Symposium organised by New Media Scotland and Stills, Edinburgh. In 
association with the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art; Edinburgh 
International Science Festival; London Science Museum and Arts Catalyst 
- the Science and Art Agency. Supported by the Scottish Arts Council, 
Arts Council England and Edinburgh City Council.

Exhibition organised by New Media Scotland and Stills, Edinburgh. 
Curated by Iliyana Nedkova. In association with Edinburgh International 
Science Festival, Clean Rooms, Arts Catalyst - the Science and Art 
Agency, Dundee University, Rfelmedia, Quigen, Sean Kelly Gallery, New 
York; Lisson Gallery, London; University of Abertay, Dundee; University 
of Glasgow; Prelinger Archive. Supported by the Scottish Arts Council, 
Arts Council England, Edinburgh City Council, Gulbenkian Foundation and 
the Wellcome Trust.

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