Print interesting project by NL artist Yvonne le Grand. It will run 
till July, and offer possibility for actual participation in the 
unfolding story if you are in, or travel to Lisbon on the right 


Œwhere is the bar?¹, a memory project

One of my obsessions as an artist is the glue of life: memory. 
Through Œwhere is the bar?¹ I will try to reconstruct my first 
journey to Lisbon in 1990.

The skimpy entries in my 1990 diary are the point of departure. My 
memories of that journey are getting muddled because I have been in 
Lisbon for a while - the Œtourist environment¹ has turned into 
familiar terrain.

Can I still distinguish between what I remember and what I think I 
remember? Can I still muster a fresh eye to the city, or am I already 
a victim of habit?

Those are issues I want to explore through the project.

Œwhere is the bar?¹ is a project in progress. Theoretically, there 
will be an online update every 3 weeks. The last day, July 25 will be 
different, though, but that is to be a surpriseŠ

Œwhere is the bar?¹  can be found at:

If you happen to be in Lisbon on one of the days for a ride, don¹t 
hesitate to register and joinŠ, if not, enjoy the diaries and get to 
know a thing or two about Lisbon and myself.

Yve le Grand

What is Atmosferas?

Atmosferas is a cultural project that stands at the intersection of 
the arts, the sciences and the technologies.

Within this framework Atmosferas is engaged in promoting a cultural 
dialogue between these different areas trying to bring forward an 
understanding on the relatedness of their practices.

To achieve this objective Atmosferas will organize a number of 
different events (conferences, exhibitions, etc) and support the 
production and the distribution of relevant artistic work done for 
the digital realm.

Rui Trindade