Hi all,

I have a project of a networked performance that I thought might be of some

interest to some of you. It uses common bureaucratic-technological tools in a

playful and ambiguous way in order to create a rather undefinable artwork. I am

currently looking for a festival / artistic event within which this performance

could appropriately take place.

Find below the description of the project a short biography of me.

My project consists in several steps:

first, to accumulate via different e-mail addresses, e-letters subscriptions,

mailing-lists, digital networks, a consequent amount of junk-mail, more

accurately what is now called "spam-poetry", the accumulation of random words.

(process started one month ago)

second, to recycle this raw material in the form of a text file, then printed on

recycled paper and each page being stamped and autographed by the artist during

the period of the performance (24 hours).

third, to send by fax a copy of each unique artwork to the participants during

the period of the performance, each copy being asked for by previous e-mail

request during the same period of time to a temporary web-site.

fourth, to delete the original word files, and put back the original printed

stamped autographed paper sheets into the recycling networks of everyday life.

performance which is to be announced on the internet, and broadcasted through

a web-cam.

the only "real" artworks that remain are the received faxes/duplicatas by the

participants and a list-archive of the names / e-mail addresses for those

willing to do so.

Thus, I intend to use bureautic / bureaucratic hardware to create a temporary

community, to promote a re-cycling re-sampling economics, and to blur the

boundaries between garbage and "meaningful" content (artworks). My role as the

"Artist" is obviously ironic, both because of the repetitive nature of the work

and because of the undeserved emphasis put on the fact that each copy is stamped

and signed before being faxed, while I haven't written any of the words on the

sheets I will sign.

The aim is also to question the "originality" (as unicity) of an artwork, and

also to question the notion of veracity - authenticity of network-circulated

documents in the era of digital reproduction. Is the real artwork the text

stamped and autographed but thrown to the bin, the received fax copy, or the

performance itself?

About me:

Cyrill Duneau

11 sept. 1972



Fine Art School of Lorient - France, multimedia

video "No Phone Last Night" (5mn)

CD audio: dolmen sniper "dead ringers"

soundtrack for Xavier Ameller's short movie "Czesco's face"

textual works online at:

collaboration with Alan Sondheim ">what about mot-valise?"

collaboration with Truphti: a bi-headed blog at:

various publications: see for some links

Both my textual blog and my video are in the process of being cloned to the database.

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