hello werld
on friday, april 23 at 4.23 am (yes, i was jet-lagged and not as wide awake
as i had thought...)  my computer operating system was destroyed.  although
most of the books/publications and artworks were found/backed up; the *lovely*
aol address book and all things related to it, including weblink/bookmarks seem
to have been flung far afield, or at any rate into some field to which i have
no access.  ...

would you kindly send to my private email (and not to this list) your snail
mail and any other email adddresses you may wish me to use...

this is one heck of a frustrating experience. apologies in advance for the
group mailing.



Professor (dr.) Johnny Golding (SG/johnny de philo)
Head  MA/Ph.d. in Crit/Media/Arts
   MA Programme: Critical Studies, New Media and the Practising Arts

 **a unique graduate programme interlacing contemporary philosophy new media
culture and the arts through independent research, experimentation and play **

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t:  +44 (0) 20 8331 8948

o:  Queen Anne, room 112,

    Maritime Campus

Professor (dr.) Johnny Golding

Chair/Prof of Philosophy

in the Visual Arts & Communication Technologies

Dept. of Creative, Critical and Communication Studies

School of Humanities, University of Greenwich

Maritime Campus, Greenwich

London SE10 9LS

t: +44 (0) 20 8331.8948 (direct)