Dear Rob,

Thanks for this- I think that it is helpful, because 'taxonomies' do
infer a complete hierarchical structure, whereas what we have at the
moment is a diverse collection of namings, categories, and some new
words which fail to fly if not meaningful enough. There is also the
Variable Media project's "media-independent behaviors" which I've
found useful.  I'm not wedded to taxonomies, so let vocabularies

You've got the AC on, we've all got post-ISEA colds, so I look
forward to the 1st September!  I'm working on a small collection of
categories which I'll post the URL of then.



>Date:    Fri, 20 Aug 2004 22:28:20 -0400
>From:    murphy <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Taxonomies vs Structured Vocabularies
>I realize it's not yet September and I should be reading trashy novels
>on the beach but instead I've got the AC cranked up and am doing
>research on this subject for a project and wonder if others consider
>there to be a difference in this upcoming discussion between
>hierarchical taxonomy and structured vocabularies (ie: the Getty Art
>and Architectural Thesaurus)? Or am I just being picky. While
>taxonomies are very useful aren't they somewhat antithetical to the
>Now everyone can go back to their tropical drinks, unless you're in the
>southern hemisphere and in that case go back to huddling around the
>Robbin Murphy

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