dear ana,

surprising, but very interesting in this context is the .walk series

check out


a very different kind of collective experience in urban space ...


>This may be an unusual request for this list: apologies beforehand but your
>input will be invaluable. have you recently attended any
>conference/symposium proposing team activities involving geo-location
>software? An example of what i have in mind: Blast Theory/Mixed Reality
>Lab's "Uncle Roy is all Around you" with players online and on the street
>(PDAs and GPS devices involved). But it could be something less
>Why this request? We're organizing a conference on "merged realities" to
>take place at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, in January, and we'd welcome
>fresh ideas on "side" activities that may engage the audience beyond the
>workshops and panels. The audience is "very" diverse (artists,
>entrepreneurs, game designers,...). Furthermore, if you use geo-location
>software in research/performance please email me individually. We're also
>looking for potential speakers.
>Ana Boa-Ventura