with no other information there is no way to tell the bvals/vecs.
If you are running a fairly recent numaris /syngo, then look at the parameter card: the diff-entry will tell you the bvals and number of bvecs (MDDW-entry), at least. Depending on the sequence you use, your local siemens representative or your physics person who did the programming of the diffusion sequence will be able to tell you the specific values for bvecs (even though the z-definition may be opposite to FDT assumptions). On the later syngo, you may also be able to use "phoenix" to recover the parameter sets from a previously shot DICOM. Read the help files on how to do this.


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 I am a novice in DTI Analysis and FSL. We are using Siemens 1.5T
Symphony Scanner for our project.
 I do not have information regarding bvecs and bvals used in our DTI
experiment protocol. I was   wondering if any of you using the same
scanner can provide me this info? I would deeply appreciate any

 Thank you,