Dear Leonardo Bonilha,
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 

It fits very well to my experience: i could run the same Featquery_analysis with a Mask made on a LINUX machine without any complication. Now I had to switch to working on a WINDOWS XP/Cygwin environment and Featquery with that same mask creates the now known error message.

Even when I tried to create new masks on the XP/Cygwin machine, (anatomically based with MRICRO, and functionally based with FSL_View) no masks in Featquery lead to a 'normal' run.


Steven< if you still want to login and see what happens, it will be difficult in this University environment, for understandable reasons of safety.
I am willing to let you enter onto my home PC where I installed FSL under XP/Cygwin as well with the same problem. If needed: please let me know what you want me to do..


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Dear Stephen M. Smith and colleagues,

I recently confronted myself with the same problem that motivated Anda van
Stegeren and Kerstin Preuschoff to write to the list earlier this year: I
was not able to make featquery (working under Windows XP/Cygwin) to run
properly either using a mask or by trying to define standard space

Shortly, what I did was to create a mask with MRIcro using the
example_func.img, or alternatively a high resolution image in standard
space. Within both cases, I received a message stating that the mask size
did not match any of the images in the FEAT directory. Just to ensure that
I was wasn't using different dimension-sized images, I then used avwhd and
fine tuned the images (the mask and its matching image) to be exactly the
same. Yet, the same error remained.

Suspecting that this could be due to a Windows/Cygwin version bug, I then
tried to run the same analysis, i.e., to use exactly the same masks, this
time using Linux (Suse9.1). And it worked uneventfully.

Therefore it seems that this problem with featquery appears to be
restricted to the Windows version of FSL.

Best wishes

Leonardo Bonilha

Div of Psychiatry and
School of Psychology
University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD
Tel: +44 (0) 115 - 95 -15308