Herewith a zipped report.log file. hope this reaches you,


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Verzonden: vr 25-6-2004 2:09
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Onderwerp: Re: [FSL] Error in DOF in Higher Level

Hi - no error file was attached to your message. If you would like to
email us the .gfeat/cope1.feat/report.log file we can take a look.

Cheers, Steve.

On Sun, 13 Jun 2004, Anda van Stegeren wrote:

> Hi there,
> I installed FSL and run FEEDS etc. and everything seems to work ok. I had to transfer my First Level Files from one PC to this new one with of course some adjustments. Just mention this, because it might have to do with the next problem.
>  When running a HLA with 56 lower level directories including 23 First
> level copes all went ok until the switch to "Starting Higher level stats
> ... " was made. Alle cope and varcope images and hdr files were created,
> but then in the first Cope1.feat directory the process stopped.
> The error log file says something like:
> ndtri domain error
> DOF cannot be zero or negative!
> I enclose the error file. Does anyone know where to look to solve this problem ?
> thanks in advance..
> Anda van Stegeren
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> University of Amsterdam
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