I had installed in a path like ${FSLDIR}/etc/fslconf/

where ${FSLDIR}=/usr/local/FSL/fsl ... ofcourse this is only on the WIN version
where it encountered this problem.

Also, I have a Debain (2.95) LINUX version that is fully compiled and
operational if you'd like it to make available for other users I can put
a .tar.gz version somewhere for you to download and make available.

-Cyrus Arman

Quoting Matthew Hoptman <[log in to unmask]>:

>> Hi Mark,
>>    I originally had in /home/fsl/etc/fslconf/ and I tried to 1)
>> source it from the command line and 2) source it from .bash_profile (after
>> setting FSLDIR=/home/fsl).  I took the source out of the .bash_profile,
>> but
>> it hangs either way.
>>     I also moved into ${HOME}/.fslconf (and took it out of
>> ${FSLDIR}/etc/fslconf), but still it hangs.  If I control-c out (of source
>> after a sufficient delay, I can get fsl3.2 running, but obviously
>> that's not the best way to do it.
>> Incidentally, this problem only occurs on my SuSe 9.0 installation.  On
>> cygwin, the sourcing is fine.

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