To do some higher level analyses in standard space and some in native
space you will need to run two different sets of higher level analyses.

Firstly, for the standard space:
  Run all first level registrations to the avg152T1_brain and then
  all higher level analyses as normal, first across sessions and then across

Secondly, for the native space:
  Re-run the first level registrations using the high-resolution structural
  as the "Standard space" image.  You can leave the "main structural image"
  blank in this case (unselect the box).  Then proceed onto the higher
  analysis across sessions.  The trick is to make sure that the
"standard" image
  is the one corresponding to the space you want the results in.

This should be all you need to do.
All the best,

Elizabeth Chua wrote:

>Hi everyone-
>I have a study in which I want to do both group analyses in standard space
>and single subject analyses in native space.  The study consists of 3
>spearate visits for each subject with 6 sessions in each visit, for a total
>of 18 sessions for each subject.
>I have tried to create a model in feat with all 18 sessions using the higher
>level stats with each subject registered to their own structural image, but
>I get an error saying that registration has not been run for all of the feat
>directories.  is there a way to do the higher level stats in native space?
>also, since i will eventually want to do group analyses in standard space,
>is there a way to use the registration only option at the higher level
>(i.e., the individual subject analysis with all 18 sessions) or is it only
>available at the first level?  Also, is there to run registration only in
>feat from the command line and without overwriting the analyses in native space?
>Thank you,