I'd like to announce the official release of the new version of my
visualisation tool, mri3dX. The download site is:

You'll notice that there is more descriptive content about actually using
the program, especially at:

The new features include:

1) Advanced ROI analysis, including use of Talairach Daemon database

2) Improved (?) user-interface with less windows.

3) Slice zooming.

4) A full Mac OS X version.

5) Guaranteed world peace.

6) Improved scripting capabilities

7) Benchmarks - so some people can get very excited about optimising their
kernels/graphics cards. Whatever.

Important Notes

1. there are some very important laterality issues if you use mri3dX with
SPM2. See:

2. I have being having a *lot* of trouble with the newer versions of Linux
(RedHat 8/9 etc.). In many cases these can be fixed by making sure all your
graphics-card drivers are up to scratch.

Hope it works and you find it useful!


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