Hi Steve,

This worked perfectly on my first try!

Thank you very much for your efforts and responsiveness.



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Thanks to everyone, particularly Michael Lipton, for helping look into this.
It turns out to be a bug in the version of TCL that is bundled with Cygwin.

I _think_ that an easy fix is the following. It relies on your version of
Cygwin being sufficiently recent to have tclsh8.4 come with it - you can
check this with: ls -l /bin/tclsh84.exe to see if it's there.

The fix for Featquery is to edit
and near the top change

Feedback appreciated!

Cheers, Steve.

On Mon, 9 Aug 2004, Leonardo Bonilha wrote:

> Dear Stephen M. Smith and colleagues,
> I recently confronted myself with the same problem that motivated Anda
> van Stegeren and Kerstin Preuschoff to write to the list earlier this
> year: I was not able to make featquery (working under Windows
> XP/Cygwin) to run properly either using a mask or by trying to define
> standard space coordinates.
> Shortly, what I did was to create a mask with MRIcro using the
> example_func.img, or alternatively a high resolution image in standard
> space. Within both cases, I received a message stating that the mask
> size did not match any of the images in the FEAT directory. Just to
> ensure that I was wasn't using different dimension-sized images, I
> then used avwhd and fine tuned the images (the mask and its matching
> image) to be exactly the same. Yet, the same error remained.
> Suspecting that this could be due to a Windows/Cygwin version bug, I
> then tried to run the same analysis, i.e., to use exactly the same
> masks, this time using Linux (Suse9.1). And it worked uneventfully.
> Therefore it seems that this problem with featquery appears to be
> restricted to the Windows version of FSL.
> Best wishes
> Leonardo Bonilha
> Div of Psychiatry and
> School of Psychology
> University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD
> Tel: +44 (0) 115 - 95 -15308

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