Mark Brookes on 19 August 2004 at 14:36 said:-

> It would be frightening to combine all these data collections (of
> course DPA should combat/restrict this) but computing power 
> is always on
> the increase according to Moore's law so it will get easier 
> to do so if
> needed or is lawful to do so.
> Is this the norm to be building all these profiles in other countries?
> All I hear about now is the creation of new 'data' stores for various
> purposes, either commercial or otherwise.

The progressive norm does seem to be to the building of personal profiles as
a means of the pseudo personalisation or refinement of many services.  

Commercial or Political concerns of key actors seem to determine the
location for processing.

How could the DPA combat/restrict activity it is there to assure the fair
regulation of?  
Consider once Iraq is more stable - there may well be a significant pool of
talent remaining there which it would be viable to employ, that would fit in
with assisting the redevelopment of the country. Why should DPO's become
concerned with the location of processing beyond compliance with the
principles and the relevant security aspects? 

As regards personal privacy/freedom/autonomy - It does seem frequently that
marketing/manipulation (dependent on the sectarian origin) is sufficient to
arrange any compromise of those areas deemed necessary to achieve any given
objective.   Looking at the vagaries of measured history recorded within the
media, things do not change much.

Ian W

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