Pounder Chris on 22 July 2004 at 16:21 mentioned:-

> EU complaint to the 
> UK re Data Protection Act; 

Is anybody aware of how long the EU complaint procedure takes, acknowledging
the legal setup is a lengthy developmental process if a crinkly resolution
is to be warranted, but like the 'payment for the bill is in the post' in
the interim, many problems for businesses are caused, which then raise many
legal questions.

Ian W

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> UK re Data Protection Act; Credit Referencing - the brave new deal?
> 2.    Durant - eight months on and no wiser? Discussion on 
> the practical implications of the case; requests of access to 
> employee manual information; implications for FOI etc etc
> 3.    Law Report  - MDU v Johnson, Pal v GMC, House of Lords 
> - Naomi Campbell and others
> 4.    FOI Act Update - (In Glasgow, this session will be FOI 
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