There also seems to be another disturbing trend afoot here.  Whenever the press reports on data protection pedants, charging non-nationals for healthcare, airport security - you name it, a government spokesgoon leaps in with unseemly haste to say that these problems will all be miraculously solved when we all have ID cards.  The conspiracy theorist in me can't help wondering whether these are molehills being made into mountains at the hands of those who sit and spin.....

And now it appears (R4 Today programme this morning) that we may be likely to have our bathwater heat regulated in new buildings/conversions, to stop us poor sillies scalding ourselves.  Nanny state?  Bleat, bleat.....

Tim Trent <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
What we are talking about here is yet another "excuse" for bad policing.
But bad policing is caused by bad source and application of funds. Some
years ago Sir Paul Condon said "We cannot prevent crime any more, only
attend it." It seems the budget for attending has now run out as well.

Love the 1988 act!

Now I cannot for the life of me see how any reasonable person (Clapham
Omnibus) could fault the shopkeeper for his actions. I CAN see how a
reasonable person could fault that police force.

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