Can I crawl back into my cupboard now though?

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What has been really good is the number of people who responded to this,
either privately or off list.

Main reasons for being a "quieter member" are:

+ initial shyness
+ feeling that others are experts so remaining silent
+ great interest in reading but no questions to ask
+ DP is a part of their role only (unsurprising) so will speak when they
have a question

The purpose of my original message was simple.  To encourage people to
the ice and to decide quite simply to join in.

Now a couple of people have been treated poorly in the past, and that is
their reason for not contributing.  I can't say I blame them for that.
think our moderator would want to get involved in resolving any
"down-slapping incidents" though.  I can't see the point of slapping
down when they are here to learn.  We all start off ignorant.  I suppose
become dangerous when we "half know" and that's our vulnerable point.
of us who realise how little we actually know maybe the ideal posters?
there is a thought to play with!

As ever I remain consciously incompetent!

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