This arrived in my inbox this morning.  It is, of course, from a list I have
given permission to send me stuff (Peppers and Rogers)!  I've Bccd the
author of the entire article (of which this is a snippet) with my thoughts
here.  He may wish to subscribe and see what this list in the UK has to say

"People are very serious about this and I fully expect that within a year
companies will have to pay for using an ISP to send materials," says Sonia
Arrison, research analyst for San Francisco-based think tank Pacific
Research Institute. "Bill Gates said recently that the spam problem would be
solved within two years. I think he's being conservative. Everything is
pointing toward an economic solution because technology hasn't worked."

So, if people pay to send email the problem of spam is said to be about to

Is that really so?

Currently an ISP will terminate a spammer's account after some provocation
and with sufficient proof of spamming activities.  But, if the spammer paid
money to spam, what then?  "I am so sorry, they have *paid* to send this
email.  We make a fortune out of them, so we will not be terminating them,
thank you very much".  That is a likely scenario.  And that will not help
data subjects and their rights.  In fact all that will happen is that bad
ISPs will protect bad spammers and make loads of money.

So far the spam fighting groups that I monitor are ambivalent about it, but
their attitudes are starting to harden against it

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