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>However, I don't think the "leave the space blank" option will always
>hold good.  My online bank, for example, has locked me out of my
>account because it keeps asking me a question (mother-related) which
>according to my records, I've never given the answer to.  Luddism seems
>so tempting, sometimes (sigh)...

If it's a feeble attempt at generating a password that you can easily
remember (eg an ecommerce site) rather than a question to help
investigate if any of your ancestors were Nazis or Axe Murderers (eg CRB
etc) then there's no compulsion to tell the truth.

One ecommerce site unexpectedly (and somewhat out of context) asked me
how I'd "like to be addressed", so I answered "Your Royal Highness", and
since then all their communications to me have started... yes, you
guessed it!

Another asked me to nominate a Q/A to use if I forgot my password, so I
volunteered "What do you think of our site's security precautions" and
an answer of "Bloody awful". Oh well it's always Friday somewhere in the
Roland Perry

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