Wall St Journal
Use of IM at Work Grows,
New Survey by AOL Shows
August 24, 2004
While teens still dominate the use of instantmessaging
software, workplace use of the
technology is increasing, according to a new survey
by America Online Inc.
The second annual instant-messaging trend survey,
conducted for AOL by Opinion Research Corp.,
found that 27% of all instant-messaging users said
they used the service to communicate with others at
work, compared with 16% in 2003. The survey
included all users of instant-messaging software, not
just users of AOL's software.,,SB109329209603798731,00.html?

King County Courthouse soaked in Sunday's storm
02:32 PM PDT on Monday, August 23, 2004
SEATTLE - Wearing gloves and grim
expressions, maintenance workers were still
working Monday to clean up the smelly water
in the basement of the King County

Digital ID World
Applications of Biometrics
Towards Privacy Enhancing

Are you ready for the feds?
With an extensible framework, IT can meet regulatory compliance mandates years in the future as well as those looming just ahead
By Richard Gincel August 06, 2004
“Hurry up” is the latest battle cry at companies struggling to fall in line with an onslaught of government regulations. The summer of Sarbanes-
Oxley, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other mandates is upon us as deadlines loom. The heat is beating
down on IT administrators, whose chief executives face stiff penalties -- even jail time -- if their companies fail to comply with the law. (

Information Week
E-Mail Can Jeopardize Company Security
By George V. Hulme, InformationWeek
Aug. 16, 2004
Jolly Technologies, a California software maker, reported earlier this month that an employee at its recently launched researchand-
development center in Mumbai, India, stole portions of its source code and proprietary design documents. The insider
allegedly used her free Yahoo E-mail account to upload and send the files from the research facility, according to a company
statement. Last year, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency fined two former banking employees of Grand Valley
National Bank for violating privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act by E-mailing confidential loan files to an
unauthorized third party.

A six-step recipe for adopting ILM over time
Opinion by Peter S. Kastner, Aberdeen Group Inc.
AUGUST 18, 2004 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Information life-cycle management (ILM) is the policy-driven
management of information as it changes value throughout its life cycle. Under ILM, data and data sets will
migrate around a storage hierarchy based on a company's storage policy.,10801,95317,00.html?

SHANGHAI to open gov't archives to public
China Daily - Beijing,China
... have set up a permanent joint conference, to be chaired by Vice-Mayor
Feng Guoqin, to ensure wider access to official information and archives,
some of which ...

MID-SOUTH Bankruptcy Abandons Thousands Of Patients' Medical ...
WREG - Memphis,TN,USA
... former patients, have their records stored unbeknownst to them," says
Thomas Bianca, Fraud Hotline Coordinator for Medicare, "with no destruction
planned or no ...

NATIONAL Archives chooses Xacta for security management
Washington Technology - Vienna,VA,USA
Xacta Corp. will supply security compliance and risk management software
to the National Archives and Records Administration, the company said
today. ...

ARTIST'S archives not in city deal
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
... the artworks of the late abstract-expressionist Clyfford Still, but
as the deal stands, the city could miss out on something equally important
- his archives. ...

REVIEW of SAIF starts with public records
Salem Statesman Journal - Salem,OR,USA
“Regardless of how the litigation turns out, there has been concerns
about public records and e-mail retention,” said Brenda Rocklin, interim
president of ...

OVERSIGHT lacking for record disposal
Cherry Hill Courier Post - Cherry Hill,NJ,USA
... of State maintains guidelines for records retention, there's no oversight
mechanism in place to assure any outgoing administration doesn't delete
or shred ...

GOVERNOR vetoes FOIA restriction
Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette - Champaign/Urbana,IL,USA
... a misunderstanding about the length of time it takes for a news organization
or any other group to organize a lawsuit that stems from a FOIA rejection,"
Currie ...

DEVELOPING an Effective Data Protection Strategy
Linux Journal - USA
... archive certain data. Other industries, including medical and legal,
have their own rules for document retention. It's your responsibility

IN our view: Don't lock up court records
Provo Daily Herald - Provo,UT,USA
... the same as individual case files for purposes ... can easily remove
that information from records that will ... be done even with printed
documents, though admittedly ...

HOW long to keep old financial records?
Houston Chronicle - Houston,TX,USA
... as wills, vehicle titles, household inventory records, credit-card
... to hold on to these old documents unless there ... and let's get those
household files organized!

CIVIL War document back in county
BBC News - London,England,UK
... The document can be seen at Shropshire Archives in Castle Gates, Shrewsbury
... County archivist Mary McKenzie said: "We hold a wonderful collection
of records from ...

RETURNED scroll to give ship tax clues
Shropshire Star - Telford,England,UK
... to browse at the authority's archives. A copy of the parchment will
also be placed at Ludlow Library and Museum Resource Centre. County archivist
Mary McKenzie ...

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