Warwickshire County Record Office is currently experiencing problems with a
section of its mobile racking.  It has been decided to give the section of
shelving an overhaul, which unfortunately means the records housed in that
part of the strongroom will be unavailable until the matter has been

In view of this, could you please warn anyone expressing an interest in
looking at records at Warwickshire County Record Office of the current

Records unavailable at present are:
     Parish collections under DR and DRB references.  Many of the parish
registers have been microfilmed, and are therefore available, but there
will be no access to other parish material.
     Copy material under reference 'Z' and 'Y'.
     Microfilm material under references 'PG', 'GM', 'GMJ', 'TP' and 'GR'.
     Temporary deposits under 'TD'.
     All collections under references, 'H', 'R', 'L', 'MR', 'HR', 'D',
'EAC' and 'P'.
     CR 1-CR 51/484.

People wishing to come to Warwickshire County Record Office should be
advised to telephone the Office before embarking on their journey to ensure
the records they wish to see are produce-able.

Telephone: 01926 738959

We expect that this situation will remain unchanged for the next couple of
weeks, but a notice will be posted when we are fully up and running again.

Thank you
Amanda Williams

Warwickshire County Record Office
Priory Park
Cape Road
CV34 4JS

Tel:  01926 738958