Dear Colleagues
The following advert, which appeared in the Church Times on 13 February, has recently been brought to my attention.  It seems impossible to get much of a combined (or even informed) submission together by the closing date.  No doubt all submissions will be welcome but perhaps we should ask the committee (which includes Helen Forde, Vic Gray and Jonathan Pepler) to give more time to those who might wish to make submissions.
Best wishes
Rosemary Hayes

Church Times, 13 February 2004


Notice of a Review


    *The Lambeth Palace Library

*The Church of England Record Centre (Galleywall Road, SE16)


*Council for the Care of Churches/Cathedrals Fabric Commission, Library


           *Hurd Library at Hartlebury Castle, (Worcs)



I am Chairman of a review group that has been formed to look at the arrangements for the future housing and conservation of the documentary heritage currently held in the four collections listed above*. We have been asked to consider the long term ownership of the collections and will also be looking at questions such as access to them.


In seeking to define the purposes and value of this documentary heritage, we would like to hear from users of the collections about how you use the facilities they offer and of what significance they are to your work. In addition we invite anyone with an interest in their future care to let us have your views on any aspect of the collections that you would like to bring to our attention.


Please send your comments by the end of February to:

The First Church Estates Commission, The Church Commissioners, 1 Millbank, London SW1 3JZ.




Dr RCE Hayes
Honorary Treasurer
Canterbury and York Society
18 Murrayfield Drive
EH12 6EB
0131 337 1385
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