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Thanks alot to everyone who has taken the time to reply to my query. I have
had some really useful information through. If those who emailed me don't
object, I shall forward on their emails to people who have already been in
touch wanting more specific information.


9 institutions responded, including 4 universities, one local authority, one
cataloguing project, one national library and two specialist repositories.

Of the three universities who replied, the following are being used:

1. UKAT/Unesco for subjects; NCA for names and authority records; Getty for
place names
2. LCSH for subjects; AACR2 for names; ISAAR for authority records

The fourth university response was from the Great Britain Historical GIS
project, run from Portsmouth University. This project has been running for
several years and is constructing an online resource which includes the
computerisation of the main place-name authorities identified by the NCA,
including Youngs' Local Administrative Units of England. The main website will
be launched on Oct 26th: see

The local authority has been involved in A2A, and uses: UKAT for subjects, NCA
for names and NCA and ISAAR for authority records.

The national repository uses LCSH for subjects, AACR2 for names and will be
moving to ISAAR shortly for authority records. This institution will not be
using non-international standards such as NCA and UKAT because of possible
future problems of data exchange.

The two specialist repositories used:

1. UKAT for subjects; NCA for names
2. A combination of MeSH (Medical Subject Headings, administered by the
National Library of Medicine, Maryland) and LCSH for subjects; AACR2 for names
and ISAAR for authority records

The cataloguing project uses LCSH for subjects; NCA for names; ISAAR and NCA
for authority records

In addition, some very useful information on access points is available
through the ANW website (Archives Network Wales) at:

Click on 'About' and then on 'Technical Information'. Also see the Archives
Hub via 'For archivists' and 'Data creation' for similar information: for similar information.



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