If you have whole fruits such as apples in animal dung, this might provide information concerning the health of the animal's digestive tract, since these soft tissues should have been digested, rather than pass through the system whole.  Although I have not encountered whole fruits and don't have an example for you, I think there is some interpretive value for an ailing digestive tract to your recovery.  Perhaps there is information in animal husbandry literature.  I have recovered evidence of poorly chewed remains in the form of whole date pits in human paleofeces from Nubia.

Linda Scott Cummings

At 07:15 AM 3/9/2004, you wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have remains from an interesting deposit from the exterior of a Middle
Bronze Age house. The deposit is partly carbonized, partly waterlogged,
and is a ca. 10 x 20cm pile of small spheroids. Several of them have the
classic sheep/goat pellet shape and appear to be comprised of grasses,
several are larger and rounder (similar to modern donkey pellets) and also
grass-filled, but several in all size classes are indeed small apples with
visible seeds, parenchyma, stem, and calyx. Has anyone encountered whole
fruits that have ben eaten and poorly chewed, or could you please point me
toward literature that reports such remains?  Thanks very much for your

Best regards,
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