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Sent: 01 October 2003 10:29

She's Back!

Have you ever wondered what you would say to your favourite historical character
if you were transported back in time?  Well here?s your chance to meet the
notorious Queen Boudica, the woman who famously got out of bed the wrong side in
AD60 and razed Colchester to the ground.

Colchester is central to the story of this warrior woman. The Castle museum was
once the site of the Roman Temple of Claudius, which was destroyed by her army
leaving only the temple vaults, which can still be seen today.  The museum
interprets this important piece of our past through an audio-visual display and
has significantly important objects from the Boudican revolt on display.  But on
the 11th & 12th October 2003 there is an added treat in store for our visitors.

Boudica?s back in town! At home with the famous warrior Queen Boudica, come and
enjoy storytelling in her roundhouse, that?s if you don?t mind the smell of mud
and animal dung!  Let her take you on a pre-battle adventure, be transported
back and imagine yourself as a member of her Iceni tribe. Having just led her
army south to the outskirts of Colchester, she is taking a rest to plan her
attack on the capital of Roman Britain and she is opening her door to would-be
warriors. She?s your friendly and loyal Queen Boudica, the best warrior queen
the Celts have ever had and this is one lady who?s determined to go down as the
biggest, baddest woman warrior ever.

So come along and enjoy an escapade into Colchester?s unique past. To remember
this experience why not take a photo? On display there will be one of the
fantastic life-size chariot from the set of the recent ITV film, Boudica (played
by ER?s Alex Kingston).  So bring your camera and pose on the chariot Alex
Kingston actually used in the film and take a bit of Colchester?s fascinating
history home.

11th & 12th October
Sessions Sat 11.00, 12 noon, 1pm, 2.30pm & 3.30pm
Sunday 11.15, 12 noon, 1pm, 2.30pm & 3.30pm
Venue: Colchester Castle Museum
Cost Admission to Castle + 50p per person


For more information, please contact Marie Taylor, marketing officer, Colchester
Borough Council