Hello folks

any ideas on a good way to approach the following problem would be appreciated.

Over the eccentric development of our SMR I have been left with a number of paper gazetteers of sites, without being able to easily tell if these have/have not been digitised.

I have a pile of them lurking beside me and need to think of a way of dealing with them.

The obvious way is to pick a random sample of them, bash in the NGR and see if there is anything similar to the Gazetteer entry on the digital SMR. This is not a task I relish having better things to do with my time (such as watching paint dry....), and would take a long time.

So I am wondering if anyone can think of a better/quicker way to do this??

I have thought of scanning the Gazetteers in, converting the NGR's into Mapinfo table and running a find unmatched type query to see if any aren't overlapped by a monument. For those that are, I would pick a random sample to check that it is not another monument that by chance overlays them, but the one I would expect from the Gazetteer.

Hopefully by doing this we'll be able to get an idea of whether we need to go through one by one to check each record, or can be confident that the data has been put in.

Does anyone have any experience of trying anything like this (scanning etc) or can think of a better way?? Also, what would be a representative random sample to use to get a good idea of how many records were/weren't digitised (whichever method I use), or that the overlaying monuments are in fact the same ones?? 2% ?? 5%?? More ?? Less??

Any ideas appreciated.

thanks in advance

best wishes

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