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Call for Papers
1st Annual Graduate Student Conference

Historical and Contemporary Forces of Integration and
Disintegration in the Post-Communist Societies
March 5-6, 2004

What used to be the communist bloc in Europe and Asia was
characterized by divergent tendencies and was influenced by
opposing forces, which can be traced into the past and remain
part of the tumultuous present of the post-communist world.
Empires formed and collapsed, ideologies were embraced, imposed,
and rejected, boundaries shifted and identities redefined,
solidarities broke and new commitments were made, policies
were implemented and challenged together with the governments
that put them into practice. Geographic labels, such as Central /
Eastern / Southern Europe and, more recently, New Europe, are
contested territories themselves. If the problems of the region
are to be addressed, and the successes to be understood, it is
necessary to improve our understanding of this dynamic region
through an interdisciplinary approach. It is in this effort that
the graduate students of University of Pittsburgh's Center for
Russian and East European Studies invite all interested graduate
students to submit abstracts of a paper for presentation at its
first annual graduate student conference.

The theme of integration and disintegration should be viewed most
broadly. The conference will focus on agents of integration and
disintegration, solidarity and conflict, tolerance and antagonism,
inclusion and separation, continuity and disruption, construction
and dissolution. The level of analysis could be any, from the
family and community, to the state and international level. The
conference will include panels devoted to aspects of:

.       history
.       politics
.       culture and society
.       governmental policy
.       law
.       economics and business
.       literature
.       film
.       public health
.       education
.       others

Graduate students that are working on the region of eastern Europe
and the former Soviet Union from any discipline are encouraged to
submit abstracts by December 1, 2003.  Further details about
submission requirements, dates, housing, etc. can be found on the
conference's web page ( or by
emailing [log in to unmask]

Mihnea Vasilescu