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I am wondering if anyone could help me to find the sources of the following (I am sending 11 inquiries separately).  They are in a late 14th century devotional discourse.
This is the tenth.
10] St Augustine:  Pain of purgatory is far greater than in this life.  (_Fasciculus Morum_, refers to Ps-Augustine, _De vera et falsa penitencia_, 18:34 (PL 40)
"For as Y trowe he sayth, as ther is no comparisoun betwexte a fir depeyntyd in a wal and a materiel fir that we mow se brenne byfore us, ri3t so ther is no more comparison bitwexte the materiel fir that we seeth brenne and the fir of purgatorye.  ferthermore, alle the turmentes that may be thou3t in this life, he seyth, as the rostyng of St Laurence, the peynful stone castyng to the deth of St Stephen, the bitter huldyng of St Bertholmeu, the peynful crucify3yng of St Peter, ne beth bute a shadewe in regard of the peyne of purgatorye."
Mayumi Taguchi
Osaka Sangyo University
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