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merum wrote : 
> In the Roman Calendar, 8 Sept is Mary's birthday; IC day, the feast of her
>conception, is celebrated nine months prior, on 8 Dec. 

 As in other cases of the same kind the feast originated in the monastic
communities. The monks, who arranged the psalmody and composed the various
poetical pieces for the office, also selected the date, 9 December, which
was always retained in the Oriental calendars. [] The influence of
Constantinople was consequently strong in the Neapolitan Church, and, as
early as the ninth century, the Feast of the Conception was doubtlessly kept
there, as elsewhere in Lower Italy on 9 December, as indeed appears from the
marble calendar found in 1742 in the Church of S. Giorgio Maggiore at
In the Western Church the feast appeared (8 December), when in the Orient
its development had come to a standstill.
The "Martyrology of Tallaght" compiled about 790 and the "Feilire" of St.
Aengus (800) register the Conception of Mary on 3 May. [] The Scholiast
adds, in the lower margin of the "Feilire", that the conception (Inceptio)
took place in February, since Mary was born after seven months -- a singular
notion found also in some Greek authors. [] 

Frank Gayte

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