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 Today (6. August) is the feast day of:

 Justus and Pastor (d. c. 304)  J and P were
 brothers, 13 and 9 years old.
 They were flogged and then beheaded at Alcala, Spain
 during Diocletian's

 Hormisdas (d. 523)  Hormidas became pope in 514.
 The great success of his
 reign was ending the Acacian schism.  It's
 interesting to note that his son
 Silverius became pope in 536.

 Stephen of Cardena and Companions (d. c. 872)
 Stephen is *supposed* to
 have been abbot of Cardena, near Burgos (Spain),
 foully massacred with his
 full community of 200 monks by Muslim raiders.  The
 earliest evidence of
 their existence is an inscription of the thirteenth

 Gezzelin (d. 1138)  Gezzelin (aka Joscelin) was a
 hermit at Schlebusch near
 Cologne.  He worked as a builder for the Cistercian
 monastery of Himmerod.
 His asceticism included never sleeping under a roof.

Dr. Phyllis Jestice

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