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Has anyone got any thoughts on this one?


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Christopher Robin thought that if he stood on the bottom rail of the bridge
and watched the river slipping slowly away beneath him, then he would
suddenly know everything that there was to be known ...
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Hi Maddy,

Thought you might know of the reference mentioned below!


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A colleague has enquired about a 14th century priest burial excavated at
Carrow Priory, Norfolk, with head to the east.

Many years ago I was told that in the late medieval period, the custom
arose of burying priests in front of the congregation with head to the
east, the flock of course all having head to the west, so that at the
Last Judgement when the people arose to face the east, the priest would
be facing them. Other colleagues remember being told the same thing but
none of us knows a documentary reference.

Does anyone know of such a ref, or of any other head-to-east priest
burials for me to pass on to the enquirer?

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