That's only partly true. There is some Renaissance money that is
ring-fenced for schools work. However, there is another lot of
Renaissance money that can be used to increase access to museums
collections in ways that both the hubs and individual museums see fit.
This could easily include some adult/community educational work. 

Part of the reason for this is political. The DfES is overwhelmingly
concerned with raising school standards. Adult education, particularly
after the debacle of the Individual Learning Accounts scandal, has been
put on a back-burner. Adult education now is focussed almost purely on
Basic Skills and raising literacy and numeracy levels.

Perhaps what archaeologists should be doing is making sure that their
voices and ideas are heard at Hub meetings when the second round of
Renaissance money is divided up. If ideas can be justified on either
heavy community involvement or in raising literacy or numeracy, then so
much the better.

Colin Hynson
Education Officer
Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service

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Subject: Re: Cash boost for regional musuems will benefit 'kids and

It has got 'worse' as I understand it the work of the new museums hubs
now going to be all about delivering targets for education - school
education not adult education.

very focussed

kevin flude

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> Quite a lot of the money for the first phase of the Regional Museum
> also been ring-fenced for education/outreach work. I suppose some new
> innovative research might get squeezed in at a cut-price rate under
> guise of education...but the curators I talk to generally seem to have
> focus on the routine, everyday tasks of curators rather than
> work.
> Janet Davis

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