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>  If
> you are excavating a Roman temple and someone happens by, walking their
> dog, and asks what the site is, then it would be better to say "a 19th
> century slaughter house", or something equally as unappealling. If they see
> just a trench and don't know its an archaeological site then you are
> "laying pipe".

I am rather concerned at the line that seems to have been taken by a number
of contributers to this thread, that the truth about the archaeological record
should be falsified for security's sake.  Earlier the falsification of maps
and the suppression of location in publication seemed to be being advocated.  I
do find myself wondering whose archaeological heritage we are talking about.
If, as archaeologists, we do not inform the public of our findings, are we so
different from the detectorists who remove artefacts from their contexts and
keep them in private collections?