Glad to hear this - and incidentally I have come across several female
detectorists among the numbers working with archaeologists and bringing their finds
to the Portable Antiquities liaison Officer in York!  Exceptions probably
prove the rule though.



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> Good News - and a case of me eating my own words -
> I contacted UKDetectorNet and asked them to remove the article - explaining
> why (community projects : possibility of Nighthawks : chance for them to be
> involved in an archaeological excavation themselves and see how we go about
> things : what information could be recovered if the metal items were
> recorded in context )
> They instantly removed the article and showed that responsible detectorists
> (is that an oxymoron?) do exist.
> I have asked them to join me next year when excavation begins.
> A very happy chappy
> David Connolly
> ps  still not averse to bagging a few  Nighthawks in the evening while
> sipping G&Ts on the veranda!