Martin Brown writes:
> The British had pressed fibre identity tags which don't survive well
> in the soil
pressed what kind of fibre? I find these tags difficult to visualise - has
anyone a reference to a website with a picture?

The same problem occurs on the former Eastern Front area(s)

Paul Barford

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> Because the material says things like "found near Vimy" and it's obviously
in "excavated" condition rather than "found in barn" condition.
> Many men where knocked to spots by shelling, many others fell and were not
recovered or pitched in shell-holes in the chaos.  Missing often did mean
just that.
> I am not talking about material acquired from family, such as medals and
letters but the actual kit carried by Tommy or Fritz when he was killed. The
British had pressed fibre identity tags which
> don't survive well in the soil so personal artefacts found on the skeleton
are often the only means of identity.
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> I do not understand why you think that such material - I assume you are
> referring to dog tags etc. are obviously looted from bodies found on the
> battlefield?!  I would be most interested to know your source.  In the
> instance many of bodies of the men who lost their lives in this particular
> were very sadly blown to bits - there was nothing left to loot, relatives
> being informed of the death when the dog tags were found.
> The people who sell such items on ebay etc. are often dealers who have
> acquired the items from the present families of the deceased who
> no longer have an interest in the items.  I think it is great that these
> are sold on to collectors who are preserving these items for future
> generations and they will not just go out with the rubbish as so many of
> things sadly do.
> Claire
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