If you look under Devon you will see 7 events centred around the village of
Combe Martin, North Devon. As an active member of the North Devon
Archaeological Society, my contribution to NADS has been to organise these
events. The Roman weekend at Brayford is also organised by a NDAS member.

Considering if you look at any archaeological book, or paper, with a GB map
showing that 'bump' in the south-west which represents N. Devon, and upon
which you will generally find nothing archaeologically significant no matter
what the discipline, then it is simply our attempt to show that the
archaeology can be as exciting here as anywhere else.

Watch this space - archaeology and wonderful weather and scenery!



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Subject: Re: Time Team Big Dig - programme versus digging

> To my question of how many local archaeology societies are participating
> National Archaeology Days, Rodney Gunner (Worthing Archaeological Society)
> wrote
> >In reply ,many Archaeological Societys are involved in National
> Days,and are working hard to make it a  successful weekend for the whole
> family!!,we are at Bignor Roman Villa in west sussex,it is being filmed by
> the BBC,and there will be lots to do,including
> geophsics,excavating,surveying,find washing ,etc,all ages are welcome,also
> tours of Stane Street,and the Villa.<
> Worthing's project is very exciting and praiseworthy - but I've just
> at the official CBA list of events - on the assumption that most
> archaeological societies call themselves 'society' or 'group', I searched
> for those words.  I could only find EIGHT in the whole country mentioned
> taking part.  There may be others who are putting a lot of work into
> activities that somebody else is organising (there are at least two
> promising displays by local societies)- but if so they ought to ask for a
> better billing next time round!
> National Archaeology Days prove that the archaeological community as a
> can organise exciting public programmes and get through to new audiences -
> and were doing so long before Big Dig.
> John Clark