I am unaware of any mafia-style conspiracy of silence within the IFA.
I'd imagine the real reason nobody shops misbehaving organisations is
that finding evidence to back up any allegations is difficult once
their sites have been built on. Shouting your mouth off about unit X
dumping its finds in the North Sea will almost certainly invite a law
suit which would be very difficult and expensive to defend. This isn't
a problem unique to archaeology but occurs in every commercial field.

What exactly do you mean by "family units" introducing favoured staff
into IFA? Surely everyone needs two references to join and asking one's
employers would be a pretty obvious choice to provide at least one of
them? Members are elected by a scrutinising committee it's not like
being put up for the Garrick Club.

adam single

On Tuesday, July 1, 2003, at 03:29  pm, andrew rice wrote:

> Unfortunately, the IFA seems to be governered by "Fat Cats" with a
> vestive interest in protecting their careers and incomes!
> we all know of small "family" run units where the director who is a
> MIFA will use his influence to introduce favoured staff/relatives into
> the organisation..
> How do you resolve this situation????
> kevin wooldridge <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> --- David Connolly
> wrote: > As we
> are hearing about Organisations who are
>> RAOs who do not adhere to IFA
>> standards - just as there are non IFA
>> organisations who do .... 2 questions
>> ... who are these organisations and why have
>> they not been reported?
>> It is possible that more people would join if
>> they saw that bad conduct is
>> dealt with.
> The problem with the RAO situation is that IFA is
> actually unable to take any action against an
> archaeological organisation, but only against a
> named individual whom the RAO designates as
> 'responsible'. Draw your own conclusions as to
> what that means.
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> kevin
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