We think that we may have found some previously undocumented rock
art on the Croft Moraig multi-phase stone circle in Perthshire. Our
question is, is this worth reporting? And if so, to whom do we report it?

We have checked the literature, including the original 1971 excavation
report by Piggott & Simpson, and can find no mention of the possible
rock art we spotted on a stone of the outer phase three ring.

Of course, we may be wrong about this being genuine rock art, but the
marks certainly looked as good as some of the documented cupmarks
we have seen over the years, and their presence on the NE stone
corresponds neatly with the cupmarks on the NE stone of the inner ring.
There are photos of the marks on our website, if anyone cares to cast
an experienced eye over them, at :-

Our first thought was to approach the local SMR, would that be the
correct thing to do?

Thanks for any advice,

Keith & Maggie Davison